Digital Organizational chart , Time Attendance and Payroll

 A real time responsive Organizational Chart planning , drawing and printing 

Employees Information database : Personal Information ,Job description , certificates , licenses , insurance updated situation , Package information

HUMENTAL Generates the needed positions ( vacancies ) 

Time and attendance : logging time manually , ID machines or finger thumb machine 

Genarating Payroll sheets based on a totally customized module and equations according to each organization policy of treatement regarding the basic salaries , time and attendance , overtime , vacations punishments , bonus , employees debts  , incentives 

Recruitment and Employee Development

HUMENTAL manages the whole recruitment process 

Every candidate has an employement application , Humental manages the candidates interviews

Candidates interviews evaluation results and shortlisting process

Employees registration after acceptance and documents collection as well as Orientation procedures

HUMENTAL manages the new employees test period and employees development History

Employees Portal

HUMENTAL employees web portal is now your bridge toward your excellency in employees development ,

you can share the needed knowledge and information with your employees to best serve your HR responsibles and save their working hours for the most productive and effective work as much as you can instead of dealing with all employees  

Each Employee  has his own web portal with his password to get the latest information about his salary , benefits , knowledge even to send his feedback to the organization